Twins spends time with mommy J-Lo

published by Angella at 7/08/2008 12:15:00 PM


I am guessing there were more than just one blurry photo of Jennifer Lopez with her twins (Emme & Max) vacationing with hubby Marc over the holidays, but hey! this is all I could find. I'm guessing that the twin she's holding in this photo is Max perhaps. According to the good people over here, Jennifer is kind struggling between going back out and work or be a stay at home mommy. I say "Child you better stay at home with them kids!" Why? because J-Lo has had the feeling of the whole actress,singer,producer,fashion designer and blah blah and blah. You only get one chance to be a mother and now is her time. Marcy should put his foot down and object!

What next?

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