Like Father,Like Son Usher does Essence

published by Angella at 7/08/2008 11:55:00 AM


R&B singer Usher and his new little man (Usher Raymond V) is gracing the August 2008 issue of Essence magazine. I truly thought I would never get to see a clear photo of that little boy until I turned on my computer this morning. In the cover story 'Usher and son: One fine day' the newly dad elaborates on forgiving his father who is no longer living, his marriage and how he's basically aiming to not make the same mistakes his father did and be a good role model for his son.Well Usher, I can't argue with that for one second, you should be giving 25 cent a couple lessons. I know little 25 Cent is quite upset that his daddy put all his energy on men, uploading phone conversations and publicity stunts then him. *Shakes Head*

What next?

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Hip-Hop said...

This is a nice Cover Picture of Usher!!!

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