Out and about: Halle with her boyfriend

published by Angella at 7/08/2008 12:24:00 PM


Actress and not to mention new mommy Halle Berry was out and about with the father of child model Gabriel Aubrey yesterday in LA. I don't understand the sad looking faces..It might be my eyes acting up again because I have been looking at the computer screen for some time now or else. I always get mad at Halle for those drape looking clothing she has been rocking lately, but we still support you. *Looks around*[]

What next?

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Quick said...

i agree...the oversize clothing has to go-

Kid Fury said...

What's up with the face? She looks like a zombie!

Angella said...

@ Quick:

Something tells me that probably comes from her new boytoy..sssshhh!

@Kid Fury:
Well damn! I thought sad was enough LMAO!

Chi-Chi said...

I'm with Quick but whatever makes Halle comfortable, I suppose.
Is it just me but don't these two look alike?

MrsGrapevine said...

I like Halle, I'm just happy to see her happy.

MzBabyPhatPhat2U said...

Now gurrl, u know its hot over dere in Cali, that's the mean Mug cali Face... LOL As for oversized clothing... If you got it rock it, no need to have it sitting in the closet taking up space.. (ok, so i am speaking from personal experience, but... )LOL- Keep Reppin Beantown

Angella said...

@ Chi-Chi:

I don't think it's just you hon...they do not look alike. I'm not the type to predict how long Hollywood couples will last, but in this situation it is not hard to predict.

ms.kimba412 said...

Angella - got your message. I can't respond - email keeps bouncing back.Will hit you on MySpace.

Kitty said...

Yeah she doesn't look too happy at all. Well, maybe she's just tired.

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