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published by Angella at 5/27/2008 02:14:00 PM


Today is the official release for Usher's long waited album 'Here I stand'. Although I have not gone to best buy to purchase my copy, due to the crazy-ass weather we have down here in Boston. I thought it would be fairly appropriate to post the June 2 issue of Jet magazine which is being covered by Mr.Raymond himself. Below is a snippet from the cover story 'Don't count me out' courtesy of Usher On Parenthood And Passions If given the opportunity to have a sit-down discussion about the essence of Black music with any artist, living or dead, the person that Usher Raymond IV would chose is none other than the great Marvin Gaye. “I just think his mind was beautiful,” says Usher of the man whose work he admires. “There was a very realist yet sexual side of Marvin Gaye that was displayed in his records. There was an intimacy as well as vulnerability, and I think that you kind of get that in my CD.” Here I Stand, released May 27, is the highly anticipated CD that Usher is referring to. Much like Marvin, he takes on issues of the heart as the theme for his music. “It’s about the power of love, dedication and commitment and what that feels like,” explains the singer, who turns 30 on Oct. 14. “Every man comes to that point in his life when he just grows up. This is a part of that dialogue that goes with that.”

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