Bad Girl Reunion exxxxplosive!

published by Angella at 5/17/2008 02:02:00 PM


The Bad Girls club show has come to an end and now it's time for the reunion! In this brief sneak peek with the members getting interview by none other than Star Jones. ex house member Lyric comes out and tells Tyneshia (the pop-off chick) that "she is one chesseburger away from ...." Now you know miss Tyneshia has to hold hers down wherever and however brooklyn style! So Star Jones chimmes in and tell Tyneshia along with the audience - If I punched every b*tch who called me ,it would be dead bitches all up and down the highway.

What next?

5 representers:

Marleaux said...

So basically, Star was calling the other chick a bitch... I might have to watch this renunion.

Angella said...

yep! basically..LOL! but that was wrong of that Lyric b*tch though. I think she is fake as hell.

The Jade said...

you better watch@!
I watched all season on tivo and it was badly good if you know what I mean!
POP off SON!!!

mzvirgo said...

Star needs to be QUI!

Angella said...

LOL! I am def setting the DVR to that show..I just know there is going to be tension with Lyric's fake-ass talking all that mess!

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