Pics:Keyshia Cole during Bet Spring Bling '08

published by Angella at 4/06/2008 12:43:00 PM


Loving the hand-bag....!
Oh Lord! Frankie being Frankie. That dog looks deranged

Keyshia Cole was one of the many performers who took part in the Spring Bling ghetto hot mess celebration in Rivera Beach,Florida. I'm just wonderig who is tha dude she's leaning on? [photos:OnlykeyshiaCole]

What next?

3 representers:

Quick said...

Frankie is a trip, and dog is probably crazy as hell! lol

Angella said...

Right! you can tell just by looking at him!

Kitty said...

That dog does look crazy but not as crazy as Frankie tho. LOL

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