Is Erykah Badu a nut-case?

published by Angella at 4/22/2008 02:37:00 PM



I know this interview of Erykah Badu with Blender magazine might be a couple days ago. Well it is for the May '08 issue, but this sh*t was just too good to pass up! While reading this interview, I think I got a better understanding of her personality. Which you have to agree is very rare than most long-time singers you have ever come acrossed.

Badu on her actions if her shoes were being confiscated:

Blender: Let's say you wake up in the middle of the night, and we're putting all your shoes into a bag. What would you do?

(laughs) I'd pull out my pistol and as I'm cocking the handle back, I'd ask you very nicely, "Put. The shoes. Back." Slowly, so you would understand exactly what I'm saying. I think you would put the shoes back.

Badu on her physical issues:

Blender: Who was the last person you punched?

My sister. And was pregnant. (laughs) Well, she was talking shit!

Badu on her sexual orientation:

Blender:Have you ever doubted your sexual orientation?

Never. I've had a boyfriend since I was 5. His name was Benny, and he could make gun noises by crushing a milk carton with his foot. The first person I ever kissed was Huber Miles, in third grade. Then I asked him for money. (laughs) I thought it was appropriate

Badu on rituals before having sex:

Blender:How would you describe your taste in sex?

I'm such an organized person that it takes all the fun out of spontaneous sex. It has to be organized the way I want: the clothes have to be folded up neatly, my own music has to be playing. It just adds to the whole show-it's all about me, it's my show.

Badu on her fantasy man:

Blender:Who is your fantasy man?

Batman. He'd let me drive that fast car. We'd go to Whole Foods and hold hands and take a shot of wheatgrass together. We'd go up to the counter, and he'd pay. I'd have an invisible jet, so we'd fly away -leave the car there, let Robin take care of it-and kiss in midair. We wouldn't care who sees us.

What next?

3 representers:

mzvirgo said...

Damn, she said she would do it to her own music! LMAOOOO!

Quick said...

Her eyes are creeping me the freak out in that first pic!

Repping Beantown said...

@ MzVirgo:

I really don't understand that woman. I think she is really special, and someone not to mess with.

@ Quick:

LOL! Sorry, I could not find a better one(s) I tried to visit her fans site, but that ish done freeze up my computer!

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