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published by Angella at 4/13/2008 01:59:00 PM


Eleven times grammy award winning singer Alicia Keys is gracing the latest cover of Blender magazine looking very F-A-B! From Reading a brief portion of the cover story "Alicia Keys unlocked" courtesy of It really opened my eyes a little more on Key's music life and somewhat inner battles. Where she expressed her feelings toward the "lesbian" rumors circulating and so forth. Catch a glimpse below:
She built her first wall as an 11-year-old, to deal with the pimps and strip-club shills who’d catcall at her in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen, as she shuttled between music lessons, ballet classes, school and the apartment she shared with her single mom. Keys took to camouflaging herself in cornrows, baggy jeans and Timberlands. “One hundred times a day, it was ‘come dance for me,’ ‘come work with me,’” Keys recalls.“ At 11! So my mentality was Protect yourself. And that took me right into the music game.” She kept the wall up (and the cornrows on) when, signed to a contract with Columbia Records at 16, she had to fend off the advances of music producers more interested in sex than music. “I was meeting all these people who just wanted to use me,” she says. “Or be with me.”

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