Video Shoot: Trina- "I got a thing for you"

published by Angella at 3/15/2008 06:31:00 PM



Thanks to Trina 's die hard fan Janice who sent over these snaps/link from Trina's latest video shoot for her second single. I got you girl and no you are not bothering me LOL! 'I got a thing for you ' video feat. Keyshia Cole was shot on last Tuesday. Location not disclosed. But I am exited about hearing Ms.Cole on this joint though.[Source]

On the Feb/March Issue of Ozone Magazine


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Quick said...

I heard this song on my way back to school reminds me of a more gutter "Here We Go," ...maybe it'll be another hit for Trina,but personally i think she should be putting out "I Gotta Bottle"-

Anonymous said...

i hate stupid immature bitches like u when someone talks to dirty bitches like u on an adult level u don't seem to understand that so it seems i gotta get outta pocket with u yes u angella i triend to respond to u as nice as i could as i said before maybe u need glasses in order to learn how to read correctly or maybe you have pms all the time not once did i disrespect u when i sent u messages but u had to take me there u are the one that needs to grow up it seems to me that u obviously cant handle an adult mature conversation without reverting to a teenager maybe i should post all my messages and your responses on here and let your readers be the judge on how immature u sounded and maybe they will see why your being called a bunch of dirty dumb dick guzzlin bitches

Angella said...

Hey Quick! welcome back boo :) and weird to say but I think I am really liking Trina's swagger now.I think it might be that all of her latest songs now represents independancy....Quick I got HATERZ! YES! YES! YES! now moving on to reply to my anonymous reader who seems really upset by the way, LOL!

@ Anomymous:
HAHA! I should just ignore you just for the fact that you don't have the balls enough to apply your name to your comment. But, since I got a couple minutes to kill, I am going to put that ass in check this little girl read CAREFULLY;

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3. You wrote "i disrespect u when i sent u messages" Bitch hunh?! Don't be coming in here fronting like you be talking to me on the regular, because Hoe I don't know you! Is it that hard to come at evens with that? I mean damn! Let me know so I can hit the police station and find out how to file some of those stalkers papers, hehe.

4."adult mature conversation" Once again dummy, there goes that I know you shit, LOL! You're a stalker! You are one funny ass bitch yo! I swear. Thank you for providing me with my laugh of the day, I appreciate it and mind I say your visit to this site.

5."maybe i should post all my messages and your responses on here and let your readers be the judge on how immature u sounded" OOOooooooooooooh! I am scared! LOL! Trick let me tell you something, every reader in here who visits this site everyday can infer on what type of person that I am. What makes you think they're going to give a fuck about what a dilusional/Anonymous Stan got to say?! I am being called a what?! LOL! Well I am glad that I am in someone's thoughts. Dag! here I was worried as hell about this site and now you have proven to me that There abolutely NOTHING to worry about!. Anonymous, I thank you for keeping me in mind, even though I don't even know who you are! Once again..thanks for stopping by and make sure and come back again. Don't forget to take them pills now and be good child.

Anonymous said...

damn angela, you was getting it in with that bitch! go head girl brush them haterz off a.s.a.p

clyde said...

ummm not sure out i feel about this.
o well
if this makes the B*E*T audience go crazy, then more power to them.
I guess.

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

havent heard the track yet, but i bet its he same old shit she does.

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