Snoop Dog & family covers Jet magazine

published by Angella at 3/15/2008 05:11:00 PM


Photobucket Rapper Snoop Dog along with this Wife Shante aka 'Da' boss lady' and his three children are on the latest cover of Jet magazine. I would of listed the kid's names, but lord knows I forgot! That should not be a problem for most who watch his show. Getting back to basis, in this issue Snoop explains his relationship with his kids and how much he has grown into a family man over the past 16 years of being in the music industry. He says "As you get older, you have to put what matters most to you first.When my kids were younger, I didn’t know I needed them. Now I realize they need me. In the beginning it was all about me. I would always be at a party, a show or concert so it looked like I was ripping and running. Now you don’t see me too much and when you do see me, more than likely you’re going to see me with my wife or kids". Check out ebonyjet for a longer version of the snippet interview.

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dexter said...

snoop is cool !
but fiddy cool 2 !
check out this backstage channel with loads of unreleased footage and live clip he posts himself from his mobile phone:

peace !

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