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published by Angella at 3/17/2008 11:32:00 AM


Actress Gabrielle Union is on the latest cover of Vegas magazine. You would think this heifer would be happy that a blogger is promoting her little "I be hating on Halle,cause she gets more roles than me" behind! Moving this issue Union elaborates on how people think she's "rude". Hunh! I wonder why, how she responds better when called "Nikki"
Anyone who has known me for a long time calls me Nikki," Union says, explaining the name comes from her middle name (Monique) and the fact that her grandfather had difficulties pronouncing Gabrielle. "It has just been Nikki, literally since birth. I answer a lot faster."
You can continue reading a snippet of the interview [here] Spotted at one of my favorite sites, Mediaoutrage

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