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Comedian-actor Martin Lawrence covering the latest issue of Jet magazine. The cover story "Martin Lawrence: No More Drama" features the 42yr.old speaking on his family's support towards him and much more.You will find a snippet of the interview after the cut and make sure you go watch Martin's new comedy flick; Welcome home Roscoe Jenkins in theaters now.
Martin Lawrence: No More Drama 'You Don't Have To Have A Dark Side To Make People Laugh' After two decades in show business, Lawrence, 42, has seen his share of highs and lows. And family, he said, kept him standing and strong. “When I did get in trouble and did get into things, they supported me through it and were right here for me,” said Lawrence, who has three sisters and two brothers. ‘They’ve helped me a great deal. We’re very close. We stick together. We work together. They’ve been with me all my life.” The comedic cast of Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins worked so well together, it was reminiscent of family. Lawrence said working on the film was a pleasure. “I didn’t have to pull back on anything,” said Lawrence. “I know when to press go and when to press stop. I enjoyed everyone else and what they had to deliver…The whole cast was a joy and wonderful to work with.”

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