Ice Cube Upcoming moview : ComeBack

published by Angella at 2/23/2008 05:19:00 PM


So it looks like Ice Cube decided to try his hand at another big screen flick again. "Comeback" which is set to hit theaters July 25,2008 is based on a true story. Oh! I see Keke Palmer and hear David Banner will make his apperance. To my understanding they are currently filming and these photos are the exclusive "first ever photos" from the set brought to you by the good folk(s) over at [Woohah]

What next?

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HotSauce!! said...

There is something about Ice Cube acting in serious roles that turn me off. There is something about ice cube acting at all that pisses me off. actually in first sunday he was pretty good except for the ending when he got all sappy and GAY

martine said...

lol, you woulda never thought 15 years ago ice cube would be participating in films like this, hahaha

Angella said...

that is the same thing my momma said lol!

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