Rihanna gets an A+ from me

published by Angella at 2/23/2008 04:52:00 PM


We over at RBTF have a tendency to put that ass on blast if we don't condone to your behavior but we also have the need to uplift you for your good deeds. Which I know lots of well known bloggers won't do even if it kills them! While reading this article, Rihanna made me throw all of my "I don't like her" attitude out of the widow. Despite her busy schedule the barbados singer took time to focus her energy towards a mother of two who has been diagnosed with leukemia. Sources say that Lisa [Gershowitz Flynn]is in desperate needs of a marrow transplant. Flynn became very suprised when Ri-Ri took it upon her self to spread the word about her situation by joining forces with DKMS - Apparently "the world's largest non-profit marrow donor center to help raise awareness for the need for people to come forward to become donors." to help her find a donor match says people staff writer K.C. Baker. Rihanna explains:
When I heard about Lisa [Gershowitz Flynn]'s plight, my heart broke," Rihanna tells PEOPLE exclusively. "I said, I need to get the word out about Lisa right away.'I think DKMS is an incredible charity because you can really see the results. My own charity, Believe, works specifically with children in need [and with children with leukemia]. Children need their mothers more than anything else in the world. Lisa has two children. My charity will continue to work with DKMS, because in finding a way to save Lisa's life, we will in turn be saving her children's lives."

What next?

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HotSauce!! said...

I don't know Angela. I mean Rhianna is growing on me too but this story is not making me LOVE her any faster. its just something about her that i can't allow myself to really fall for her.

shae-shae said...

That's real cool of Rhianna. Seems like while some people get crazier & more selfish some people come into their own and never get recognized. Good post. :o)

Angella said...

LOL! who says anything about "Falling" for her hotsauce. Rihanna is far from that in my book, It's just that now my previous attitude towards her has somewhat changed because of that humanly act of kindness.

Thanks Shae-Shae ;)

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