Mary J Blidge Cover Vibe Magazine

published by Angella at 1/07/2008 03:04:00 PM


R&B soul queen Mary J Blige gracing the February 2008 issue of Vibe Magazine. In this issue, "what's you know about me?" which if I'm not mistaken is the cover story which will feature how Blige "has come a long way since her tough love B-girl days. Now, she's past the emotional extremes and learning to accept the fact that there's always more drama - and that's totally okay. Excerpted from VIBE's February 2008 cover story." Now from my stand point, there has been lots of on going "I though it was Keyshia Cole" surrounding this cover. I find that interesting since there is allegedly big drama between the two. I, myself would never fall for that,I love Keyshia's vocals and never-ending story telling lover songs. But in the end you can't beat the queen man! You just can't, sorry.

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