RBTF on Jamie L.Spears pregnancy - MUST READ!

published by Angella at 12/21/2007 01:41:00 PM


This whole pregant at 16 years old thing have sure created quite a debate over the internet and television this week. The one thing that I'm not quite clear of is why are people making this worldwide news for just one individual? Now I would like to take my five minutes and disect this on this blog site.
Don't get me wrong or anything, because I know in my culture carrying a child at that age could possibly be worse than you killing someone. (just playing) But still in the neighborhood(s) I live in, schools that I used to attend, girls were getting pregnant so much that you would think it was in the water or something! People were not so focused on them like that.Is it wrong for her to carry a child at only 16 years old?...Yes! Is she too young to even understand this un-born baby's future impact on her life?...Yes! Do we have any right whatsoever to judge her?...No! I guess the point that I am trying to make is that things like this happens everyday in the world. Sad thing is though, the people that are focusing on this so much as if they care, refuses to take part in changing this epedimic. They don't try to apply for a school counseling job to help young teenage girls,they don't try and build and active worldwide program where these young girls can have someone to talk to and so much more. They do not devote their time to beat on doors, and offer their knowledge to these kids inside of their home.If they really did beleive that Jamie Lynn Spears and other teenage gilrs like her are in the wrongs, best beleive they would fight for a change. If Martin Luther King could of stood to all these white mens and womens to fight for a country, and gain success even in his death. Those people can do that too. Stop faking shit like you really give two fucks about that girl! or for any young girl in her place at the moment. The only reason why these people guided their full attention to that girl is because she simply is in the eye of the people. She's a celebrity, but please do not forget that those celebrities are the same people that you and I see every single day. They breathe,eat,fart,shit,fucks up just like the rest of us. So with that said in the words of my favorite rapper(T.I.) who's facing somewhat the same bad publicity BE EAZY! One time for your mind.

What next?

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MrsGrapevine said...

I don't think it has anything to do with her age, so much, as it does her name. Any famous person getting pregnant under the age of 20 is shocking because they have so many more opportunities to do better. The fact that she's a Spears just adds fuel to the fire. She should personally have tried harder to have safe sex because she knows the consequences first hand.

MrsGrapevine said...

Yeaahhhhhhhh! It worked!!!!!!!!

Angella said...

Finally worked! LOL! I know what I was clicking on that was causing this to go wrong lol!

Nekia said...

I personnally think that child is a slut! period

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