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published by Angella at 7/01/2008 07:13:00 AM


You guys might have notice I have been slacking on the site a little and also with visit to your site for the ones who are my on my blogroll. I apologized good people,I've had a very busy week and it won't be over until the following week really. I just stole some time to come and share this with you all, because those "angella why you left us" messages are breaking my heart! LOL! You can expect a very big change for at the end of the summer for because I love all of you, I will give you all a little inside look of this project. will be collaborating with one of Boston's fab events/graphic design site known as to bring out the real reason why RB was created in the first place. Which was to shine light on Beantown and all it's urban content. Now..don't get me wrong, you will still get your latest entertainment updates on a regular basis, but we will tweak them around to fit a much bigger audience. That is why you will see me contacting a lot of you blog owners for special needs that only you can achieve individually. Anyways..I am very exited about this project and hope you guys are too. Please do not be alarm if you see that things looks a little out of place. :)

What next?

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ms.kimba412 said...

Do your thing, girl!

Dalia said...

Angella, I'm so excited! I can hardly wait!

Girl, you are doin' it and doin' it RIGHT!

Angella said...

Thanks hon!

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