Flavor Flav & the fam cover S2S magazine

published by Angella at 7/16/2008 03:29:00 PM


Photobucket [photos credit: urbanscanz]
From one of VH1's number show in ratings and degrading women, Flavor Flav has supposedly chosen the women he wants to spend his life with. Oh really...? I thought he was just doing that to stack some checks for him, Liz,that adorable cutie known as Karma and the rest of his eight something kids. Let me be the first one to say, there is nothing wrong with grabbing a financial opportunity when it benefits your family; sometimes. *Pause* In the August 2008 issue of S2S magazine, Flav had a sat down with Jamie where he elaborated on where he met Karma's baby mama, his music knowledge in instruments and more.
Be sure to check out more scans of this issue over at UrbanScanz

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1 representers: said...

does that make it his 9th child? lol and why Flava Flav? lol looks like declious didnt work out huh? least she got her career on and popping! hahahah

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