Vanessa Williams covers Ebony magazine

published by Angella at 4/13/2008 04:12:00 PM


[photo source: Urban-Hoopla]
Actress,Pro-Active spoke-person are two of the many of accomplishments Vanessa Williams have on lock. Williams is gracing two covers for May '08 issue of Ebony Magazine for mother's month. Catch a glimpse of the story after the cut:
‘Ugly Betty’ Star Redefines the ‘Perfect’ Family Actress Vanessa Williams celebrates motherhood with not only one cover, but two in this May EBONY issue. In order to pull off a successful duo-cover shoot, EBONY brought in some of the best talent in the industry – photographer Matthew Jordan Smith, makeup artist Sam Fine and hair stylist Oscar James. The star of the award-winning show Ugly Betty stepped outside of her character as Wilhelmina Slater and revealed what it takes to be a modern-day mom who has redefined the ‘perfect’ family by juggling two ex-husbands, four children and a successful career. “Any woman who can have one ex-husband cook Thanksgiving dinner and have the other ex-husband clean up after dinner, that’s pretty special,” said actor Chris Williams, Vanessa’s younger brother.

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MrsGrapevine said...

I like Vanessa, she just carries herself in an elegant manner. She certainly has a hand full of children, but they are all beautiful in their unique ways.

bostonbitch said...

she looks very pretty. are those her kids? interesting site by the way. My friend at work just referred it to me yesterday.

Quick said...

her older daughters are stunning

Bahama said...

Now i know dang well Vanessa ain't younger than that single pic of her she look like she's in her early teens..naw son!! she's still pretty tho

Chi-Chi said...

Angella the photo on the left is from my blog, lmao!

As a matter of fact, this site even link me back.

Angella said...

Sorry Honey..don't me mad :(

I did not know..I changed it ;)

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