T.I. lost $10-12 millions!

published by Angella at 4/13/2008 03:27:00 PM


T.I. in the studio

Goddamn! *taking deep breaths* In a recent interview with ajc or mtv, I am sorry but I have no idea which one. Rapper T.I. admits to have lost at least $10 to $12 millions due to his recent situtation. I mean godamn again! it has not even been a year!

T.I. on losing millions:

GM had to back up off of me," he said. "There are films that I missed out on. Not speaking of, of course ... tours. Tons of business. I've probably lost about $10 to $12 million.Sometimes you laugh to keep from crying. But you know, I'm blessed to be able to be out here to make $10 to $12 [million] more. Especially considering I brought this all on myself. So you know — minimal injury. Maximum lesson learned.
T.I. on God's deed to him:
I feel blessed," he said. "Lucky ain't the word. It's by the grace of God that I'm here. When you do the amount of praying that anybody in a situation similar to mine spends the time doing, and for that prayer to work, and for you to have other people praying for you to get through the situation — or to see the situation beginning to look up — and not acknowledge that's what helped the situation, I think that's blasphemous.
T.I. on his wifey:
As far as a date, I'm not setting a date because then it's going to turn into a lot of fanfare," he said. "No relationship needs all that. It's more hazard than help. ... And you know today, as entertainers, as public figures, there's enough strain on a relationship as it is. I think that's a private moment for us and our families

What next?

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Anonymous said...

I definitely respect T.I. desire to keep is relationship and family private and to keep near and dear to him. We all know how we want to know all the goods on our fav celebs life.

mzvirgo said...

10 to 12 million??? I'm ready to faint and it's not even my money. How can he be humble about this? (patron shot to the head)

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