Jay-Z did not diss Beyonce!

published by Angella at 4/21/2008 02:56:00 PM


There has been rumors circulating that rapper Jay-Z recently came down on one of Beyonce's song on set during a concert. Media outlet(s) are claiming that Jay-Z said:
"F**k that. Sorry Bey but f**k that- let’s play something else
when the DJ started playing Beyonce's hit single 'Crazy In Love'. Let me be the first to tell you that them people are lying their asses off. That event actually took place during the Jay-Z and Mary J Blige tour that came thru here in Boston a couple days ago. Although I did not get a chance to attend the event, a few of my peep(s) did and ironically were were discussing it the next day. She said Jay-Z had the DJ playing various songs from his albums, he said " sorry y'all but f*ck that" to his songs and he had the Dj playing Beyonce's song and he was like "Sorry B, F*ck that!" So to my understanding from people who attented, he had no intention of taking any shots at her, because he was saying that about his songs also. He was simply getting the crowd "hyped". Which he did very well.

What next?

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booksauce said...

Make sure you post that on the urban blogger. inside scoop girl!!

p.s Status quo in boston on friday at the regie lewis center

Repping Beantown said...

Speaking of.. I think one of them goes to Hyde Park High

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