Flavor Flav put on blast!

published by Angella at 2/17/2008 05:37:00 PM


As you might have already expected ,reports are coming in towards Flavor of Love, season 3. Oh! did I mention "bad" reports? LOL! An article from the NY posts is claiming that Flavor Flav got engaged right after season two ended with Deelishis the "rumpshaker" knocking New York out of the box. So as of now Flav is still with his fiance and apparently does not want to cheat on her. I'm trying to understand how the hell did the third season even hit the airways in the first place*snickers*Then I came to the realization that the dude must be broke than a motherf**ker! But the question still remains >> What the hell did he do with the $$ from the previous two seasons?
FORGET "The Hills," "Flavor of Love" season three could be the fakest show to hit airwaves yet. Hypemaster Flavor Flav, who was dumped by his season-one winner, Hoopz, and never bothered to call his season-two winner, Deelishis, is otherwise engaged - literally. "Right after season two wrapped Flav got yet another woman pregnant," our spy said. "He decided he was in love with her and they got engaged. He never even bothered to call Deelishis after the reunion show. He has a fiancée he's in love with and doesn't want to cheat on, but he'd already cashed his check that VH1 gave him for season three - and the show resurrected his career. He was dead broke before, so he's doing it for his family." Besides his (now born) child with his fiancée, Flavor has seven other children with a variety of mothers. A rep for VH1 said, "Flav is not engaged. It's true he's on his eighth child but, as he's said in the past, he'd like 10. So there's two more to go."[SOURCE]

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