Ashanti's stans gone crazy!

published by Angella at 2/21/2008 04:51:00 PM


As I was browsing my in links to this site, I discovered that one of Ashanti's fans over at the Ashanti Forum does not appreciate my previous post referring to Shanti's single not doing too good. User 220 quoted my words, provided a direct link to the post and wrote to the other forum members:
Which one of you bastardz told this blog site that the single wasn't doing to good? I think its doing okay, especially since the video hasn't been officially premiered yet.
I am sorry to have upset you my dear LOL! You sound really bitter in reguards to this.But you should be aware that this info was collected from ashantidaily just like user JamarPerry responsed. However it was not no damn copy and paste. Read carefully and take a deep breath.

What next?

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