Ashanti's single not doing too good?

published by Angella at 2/19/2008 08:22:00 AM


The singer's popular fan site-Ashantidaily gave reports this past saturday that "The way I love you" single is 'bubbling under' Now, me being the optimistic person that I am , I tooked it as a oh! well it has just released so the single should make it's way to the top. Then I continued reading only to find out that the single is currently #15 on the Bubbling Under R&B/Hip Hop Charts - #90 on Urban Radio Charts - #420 on Rhythmic Charts. Dag! Shanti, I wish you lots of luck fam.

What next?

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Anonymous said...

Song is doing doesn't impact urban radio until the week of the 25th and they haven't released the date for Rhymthic or Pop the Rhymthic or Pop stations don't even have the official single yet.

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