Scott Stoch+hisbabymama=drama!

published by Angella at 1/21/2008 03:37:00 PM


You would think that a man that makes $17 million a year would have the decency to pay his baby mama on time or not give her bounced checks! but hunh-hunh not Scott Storch. According to xxl mag, Dalene Daniel the mother of his two year old baby girl Jalen have recently filed a "motion in Miami-Dade civil court claiming that the millionaire producer has failed to make his required child support payments" on time. Recent documents surfaced reveals that Storch did not pay the child support for both December and February, Yikes!!! But the chick ain't playing with him, because in the motion that she filed "Daniel is asking the court to hold Storch in contempt for his lapses, and to enforce the child support order by any means, including “incarceration” or “any other coercive sanction or relief permitted by law.” and get this...she wants interest on the late payments. HAHA! I hope that turns out well for her and the baby. Yo truth be told child support can be a b88ch!

What next?

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