Changes to RBTF's Ladies Room!

published by Angella at 1/31/2008 04:12:00 PM


January 31,2008

As all you of you who have been visting RBTF are fully aware that we have launched a new feature on the site called RBTF's Ladies Room! Which was scheduled to take place every thursday for all the ladies. If you missed the launch or you're asking yourself what is Ladies Room ? you can get a quick update here. I had receive a lot of emails of people saying how they "have work" or other arrangements that enables to participate on Thursdays so that is why I have added a poll on the right side bar of the site. You ladies can vote on which day will be in your best interest to participate and whatever day of the week has the most vote will be set. Thanks to all the ones who have shown interest in this feature :)

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