New Feature: Ladie's Room!

published by Angella at 1/22/2008 01:46:00 PM


We have established a new feature over here at "Repping Beantown".This new features is designed to the ladies (men y'all can comment also) and is called RBTFLadie's Room! What this feature will bring to the this site is a females opinion on whatever issue that you guys would like to address. RBTF'S ladies Room will be officially launched on Thurdsay January 24th. If you are a lady,especially a blogger and would like to participate, please be sure to visit every Thursday for own little chat. You can also email RBTF Staff for the very first topic discussion and also for every thursday. Be on the look out! We ask that y'all participate and show love, because best beleive we will return it ;)

I have to shout out Pebbles&Melissa over at Jamn94.5 for this, because this idea was captivated from them.

What next?

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