Vivica Fox Covers Sister2Sister Magazine

published by Angella at 12/19/2007 02:23:00 PM


Actress Vivica A. Fox gracing the January issue of S2S magazine. Inside of this issue which is on stands now, Fox speaks on her options of becoming a mother,how she keeps her body lean, past marriage and much more! Click below for a quick snippet of the interview with Jamie and hit up homie [urbanscanz] for more snaps.
Jamie: You are amazing! Vivica: Girl, I am such an early riser! I got cats who wake me up, and then usually the trainer comes to the house. Jamie: You are a transformer. Vivica: You are hilarious! Jamie: But are you not? I don't see anybody else everywhere like you are. Vivica: But you know what? I'm gonna give hats off to Lita, my manager who--we're always trying to find the next thing. Like, "Vivica, we should be producing this. Vivica, we should ..." She's such a wonderful partner to have. Jamie: You've had her how long? Vivica: Twelve years. Jamie: Why did you choose her? Vivica: Lita started off as my lawyer. When I, years ago, started as a young actress, I was needing to get incorporated. I remembered that I'd met her at Paramount Studios and she told me she was a lawyer. She gave me a card, and I was like, "Wow. I never met no lawyer as fine as what you are, girlfriend, but go on with your bad self!" [laughs] She helped me with that, and from there she went to Magic Johnson Management. I was with somebody at the time, but I wasn't happy with them so she said, "I'll manage you for six months for free." You know, that's always the good bait and switch--if it starts working out, great. And gosh, the rest is history! We have now co-produced about eight films, and-- Jamie: You're kidding me! Vivica: Yeah! Yeah! Jamie: Tell me some. Vivica: We just did the sequel to Two Can Play That Game called Three Can Play... Motives I and II. We also co-produced a play, Whatever She Wants, which I don't know if you know, but I was on the road with Boris Kodjoe, Richard Roundtree, Little G from Silk. That was really, really successful. Oh, what's that one movie with Duane?

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