Wendy Williams coming to a theater near you

published by Angella at 11/29/2007 04:05:00 PM



I'm sure you all basically know about Wendy Williams 's upcoming movie. "Queen of media:The Wendy Williams story" will arrive in theaters in 2008. Actress Robin Givens will be playing Wendy on the big screen, which is something I want to see by the way.Then again, what can possibly be interesting enough for me to pay my well earned cash and watch Wendy Williams's life. *still thinking* Anyways,check out a brief info on this upcoming flick after the cut.

For most people divorce, multiple miscarriages, infidelity, insecurity, rape and a penchant for controversy would be a career detriment, but for nationally-known, top-rated D.J. Wendy Williams they only served to make her stronger – and more determined to succeed in an industry stacked against women, especially African-American ones. From her early days as a child fighting a weight problem to her later ones overcoming personal and career adversity, the QUEEN OF MEDIA is an honest telling of the life story of Wendy Williams as she struggles against bad choices, hard luck and always being an outsider; a born rebel who is constantly at odds with anyone who wants to tone her down, reel her in or lead her on, be they bosses, boyfriends or family. Ultimately QUEEN OF MEDIA is an inspirational tale of how self-realization and redemption helped her overcome her inner-demons, and how her determination to "keep it real" eventually brought her happiness and success.[SOURCE]

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