Nia,Gabrielle and Sanaa Cover Essence Mag

published by Angella at 11/15/2007 10:51:00 AM


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Check out beautiful black actresses; Nia Long, Gabrielle Union and Sanna Lathan gracing the cover of Essence Magazine. Unlike others, I refuse to hate on these woman. Especially when I have never seen with my eyes that they have ever perform any degrading acts concerning black women. I appplaud them in what they do. Even if they don't have a liking for black women maitaining a blog :) Check out a snippet of the interview after the cut.

ON BEING IN-BETWEEN JOBS AS A BLACK ACTRESS : Essence: What kind of year has it been for you? Sanaa Lathan: I’m happy to have gotten a job this year. You know one of the things I decided early on in my career—especially because I only have me to take care of—is that I don’t want to do anything just for money. As a result, I can be very annoying to my agents and pass on everything. To a fault. But something came along that I’m really excited about. I’m playing a Senegalese woman, and it’s the first time that I’ll be able to do some real accent work. It’s a small, really beautiful film. Other than that, I’ve just been living my life. Living the life that you live as an actor between jobs, which is… Nia Long, Gabrielle Union: [Immense laughter] Sanaa: You know, at this point in our careers, we’re all in our mid-thirties. There’s an art to being an actress, especially being a Black actress. And the truth is, to have persevered as long as the three of us have, you have to have some kind of philosophy about being in between work. Essence: Because that’s so much time, right? Sanaa: So much time. Nia: No matter how long you’ve been in it, there is no security. So you have to really do sort of that internal work to just say I’m going to stay true to who I am, and also to have your heart open enough to be happy when other great things are happening for other people who do the same thing you do. Because that can be difficult if you’re not in the right place. I think having that helps to attract your highest good to you. Gabrielle: That’s a tough lesson we all have to go through. It’s like, no matter how much you hate on somebody, it doesn’t change your life. I mean, you feel kind of okay in the moment as you’re dogging somebody, and then at the end of it you feel [bad] —and you still don’t have a job. Nia: And you won’t get one because you’re putting all that negativity out there! Sanaa: I truly believe that. And you know the thing is also, because we are artists, we feel. We have to nurture that sensitive side of ourselves, so of course we’re going to get jealous and envious. We’re human. But the key is to have the emotion, recognize it, deal with it, and move on. That’s what being an adult is. I think in life you have to work on yourself, but it’s almost like being an actress in Hollywood is double the stress.{SOURCE}

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