Candids:Tiny N' Tip

published by Angella at 5/31/2007 08:48:00 PM


Thanks Jamila
Pics from Trippin' on Tues. If my image provider is not mistaken it was taken on Tues 5-29 at Club Crucial. Which Tip gave a performance there,also that same night. Click pics for larger view
Any new pic from these two,please feel free to send it over Thank you and stop by Tiny's Fan forumn

What next?

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Lanae said...

Aye dey soo cute together! Look at Tip he gotz a red eye, and Tiny iz not wearing da ring! Shez lucky she has a man lyke Tip, hez lettin her go in public widout his ring. Most men I'd think wud be against dat LOL. Much lovin to dem!

Shaina said...

Tiny is lookin' very tan -- get it, girl! I can't wait 'til they get married, so I can see wedding pix. I know Tiny's gonna post them on her MySpace page. LOL!

Shaina said...

Hold up -- I have to comment again: is that the VERY rare polka-dot LV bag that HARDLY ANYONE has? The only other person I've seen with that bag is Beyonce ... Tip takes care of his boo!

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