Aubrey claims that weight can be an issue

published by Angella at 7/01/2008 08:33:00 AM


Let me first apologize for this photo, it was the best I could find of Aubrey.Danity Kane very own egorific [Yes I just made that up] Aubrey O'Day invites all of her fans to her broadway debut in HairSpray which she will be playing the role of Tracy Turnblad's stuck-up arch-nemesi Amber Von Tussle. Now that sounds all fine and dandy, but reading from DK's myspace blog, looks like Aubrey has much bigger ambitions to play a different character that the one given to her. She explains or in this case blames it on her the fact that she is skinny. I say YEAH RIGHT! Hey Everyone, I wanted to let you all know that I will make my Broadway debut in HAIRSPRAY on FRIDAY, JULY 18! It has been a dream of mine to perform on Braodway since I saw the Nutcracker with my mother when I was 6 years old. Before MTV and Danity Kane I played the lead in various musicals such as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Carmen in Fame, and Sandy in Grease. I am a little too thin to play the lead role in HAIRSPRAY so I will be playing Tracy Turnblad's stuck-up arch-nemesis Amber Von Tussle! Nothing beats Broadway but I am even more excited to act with the all-star cast of ASHLEY PARKER ANGEL,TEVIN CAMPBELL, JENIFER LEWIS, and GEORGE WENDT! Thank you all of my dear fans who have made an opportunity like this possible and I hope you come out and see the show.

What next?

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MrsGrapevine said...

Or it could be singing. Though she has improved since first season, she's still isn't a vocalist. To play the lead of hair spray you gotta have some chops. If she was serious about the part she should have gained some weight. That's what real actors do.

Angella said...

I understand and agree with what you're saying MrsGrapevine...but I still don't like the broad. Way too much ego for me when she is not really about-about if you know what I mean :)

Quick said...

never pegged her as the Broadway type! maybe she will be great

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