50 Cent is officially a p**sy

published by Angella at 7/02/2008 09:13:00 PM


*DEEP SIGH* Now what can I say about this odd gangsta rapper known as 25+25 cent? I can say a list of things like I am pretty sure he has a p**sy in between his legs rather than a you know what. I can say that he is becoming more involved with starting drama with others rather than picking up the phone and checking on lil Marcus and blah blah blah. But no matter how much I can say about 25 Cent, that still won't change the fact that he is officially becoming irrelevant in the rap game. That would explain the Buck phone conversation, the recent beefs with all these rappers, and the T.I. you so thought track. The way 25 Cent see it things is that if he start as much drama with people, even if that requires him putting the pants to rest and slide on his pink skirt. He will stay relevant and people will not forget about him. I know one thing, I would rather be a T.I. kid right now than a 50 Cent..why because which pop would you choose? Someone who has no back bone and becoming a p**sy more and more everyday and in desperate need to apply the red lipstick on or someone who has a back bone and handling situations at hand on his two feet without looking for a hand from anyone.

What next?

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urbanized said...

50 was never a man in my eyes so.. any whose... whats everyone doing for the 4th lol

MzBabyPhatPhat2U said...

CHURCH!!!!! *(LOL)

Angella said...


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