T.I. gets hated on while doing good

published by Angella at 6/13/2008 08:28:00 PM


If I'm understanding this correcly. This commercial shows rapper T.I. pursuing his listeners/viewers to make a positive decision to go out and vote. I like the words in the video, because all of them have positivity and truth to them. Speaking of T.I., you might have taken notice that a few rappers taking shots at the bankhead native, so I felt it's only right that I put in my two cents on this here site since I pay for this shit anyways. Before I start everything off, I am going to make it clear that this post was not and is not in any intention to give these p**sy ass thirsty stunts publicity, since that is what this whole thing is about in the first place. Also, I would like to also remind everyone what rappers like Flip,Gucci Mane and next Shaw Lo have in common,besides the fact that they are all whack! Well folks Flip wanted a battle with T.I. to sell records as well as Gucci and I know for a fact you're probably sayin' "oh yeah! whatever happened to the poor souls?" Well I'll tell you, they made the wrong move by attacking someone who is more than three times stronger than them in this game called HIP-HOP. Coming back to my point, rapper "oh I got shot 9 times" 50 recently recorded a track where he goes at T.I : Nowaways this rap shit ain't adding up/ How niggas get caught with 10 machine guns, only get 12 months?/Oo-weee, don't talk to me/ If you talking to him, you talking to them.../I got the best lawyers that money can buy/ they say at best they woulda got me 10 or maybe 9./I said, how do you explain how the homie breezed?/They said, you keep your mouth shut or you eat the cheese." Now,Now,Now ..It's sad because 50 cent knows damn well he has a sh*t load of problems to deal with instead of worrying about the next man. Problems including his crazy-ass baby mama setting houses on fire, LLoyd Banks still taking it in the ass, his records aren't selling, making shitty songs that don't get airplays and last no matter how much $$ he has, he still looks like a damn champizee with rabbit ass buck teeths. I mean I understand you wanting some publicity stunt for when you're album comes out, but damn DON'T MAKE IT SO OBVIOUS FOOL! Also when I go on some of these sites, the word "snitch" keeps coming up around this issue. How dumb can people be? What in the hell or should I say who in the hell did he have to snitch on, when that bodygard snitched on him? What..he's going to know where the gus were purchased and one last thing. If T.I. did snitch on someone, don't you think there would already be retaliation since what? 6-8 months ago! Yo..I'm done with this fo'real. I feel dumb just even talking about it. Bye!

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