Events: Boyz II men, The Smith family

published by Angella at 6/16/2008 11:21:00 AM


Saturday in Los Angeles, California was a family affair. As actor Will Smith, wife Jada and adorable kids Willo Smith, Trey Smith,Jaden Smith attended the premiere of 'American Girl' at the Grove. Judging from these photos, I think we all should be getting ready for Willow's debut on the big screen. Her body language and face expressions are screaming out 'The Next Jada, best believe!'
Boyz II men performance in Australia:
Yesterday well known group Boyz II men took the stage in Australia at Metro City! I could not pass p on these photos..I have not seen them in so long!

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PR Girl said...

I've known Willow was destined to be a star when she came on Oprah... and of course her small role in "I Am Legend" must not be forgotten... I'm definitely rooting for the Smith Family in it's entirety!

ms.kimba412 said...

Willow has definitely got Jada's swagger! They are just a really beautiful, and talented family.

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