Nice Shoes Lady!

published by Angella at 5/20/2008 03:00:00 PM


While fishing aroung through my affiliates today, I stumble upon these nice shows our girl Lina over at ChocolateWithChips posted up. She said these are her shoe obsession for the moment, well you know what Lina? they are mines too girl! Make sure you stop by her site to find out where to purchase these beauties if you are one of those chicks like myself that are simply addicted to shoes. I myself, adore the Steve Maden peep toe pump. That's why I need y'all to click on them ads for me lol!

What next?

2 representers:

Lina M said...

Hey Gie Gie! I see you got the .com Mama keep doing ya thing...
Shoes,Shoes, got to rock a hott pair of shoes it's the season to show off the toes :)

Angella said...

it really is..I am in love with those steve maddens yo! real talk LOL! and thank you for the encouragement

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