New York is back..

published by Angella at 5/20/2008 02:02:00 PM


Damn! how fake can VH1 be? I mean Flavor Flav 3 just got it's finale last night, now internets reports are already going out for I Love New York season 3 which is set to hit television on August 4th. I have so many questions about this sh*t, didn't she stayed with Tailor made? why? hunh? oh hell! Give it up already. Oh by the way if you did not know already..Thing 2 won

What next?

4 representers:

Dalia said...

No! No! No! Tell me it isn't so! Please don't let them bring hewr back.

Angella said...

I am affraid it might just be so Dalia...Them people are too fake. I mean I know there are shows on VH1 that are faker then my grandmama's wig but damn the beast's show just wrapped up...!

Quick said...

...she disturbs my day. But i'll be watching i guess, lol

mzvirgo said...

I thought she was doing a show with Tailor Made about moving to Hollywood to pursue her "acting" career. I guess not.

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