'I want to be Bruce Willis' says Diddy

published by Angella at 5/03/2008 11:06:00 AM


*Yawn* That man ceased to amaze me I tell you! After receiving his star earlier in the week which you can view the photos over at StraightfromTheA .Diddy has let it be known that he is

trying to get his Black Bruce Willis on
by evolving into the world of acting by moving to LA and blah blah blah! I mean don't get me wrong or anything, because I was feeling 'A raisin in the sun' but naw man! not Bruce Willis. I grade this a D+! but good luck B :D

What next?

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mzvirgo said...

First of all, just because Diddy hung out with Bruce Willis at the MTV awards a few years ago doesn't mean that he can be Bruce Willis. I know he is from Harlem and all, but he should at least be humble.

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