Yeaa! b*tch! Yeaaahhh!

published by Angella at 4/17/2008 05:21:00 PM


I am currently in the midst of a break down with my computer, the slow and not interested news today and me all on my own maitaining this site and not seeing improvements. So if you have any news,photos,videos,audio submissions you would like to be posted on Repping Beantown in the upcoming days, shoot me a nice f*cking email with your name to it if you want credit. Feel free to comment on the posts below that I have a chance to put up before my b*tch fit.. Goodbye!

What next?

5 representers:

mzvirgo said...

awwww, diva! By the way, I'm loving the pink girl in the post. "This blogging s--t, man." I feel like that sometimes.

sahra..nessa said...

look hoe u need to fix ur damn page(j,k)...its sahra n nessa but we still love ur ass ... nessa say hook me up with j holiday...sahra said put some shit abt 4real!!!

Angella said...

Girl I had a mini-break down yesterday..It's not even when it comes to the site, because to be truthful the site has improved visitors wise and I am very glad for that. I think me and my micro-wave wave not being able to heat up my fried chicken got to me in the worst way!!! :(

HotSauce!! said...

Your a mess!! LMAO...but i feel you. I really truely do....keep you little boston head up!!!

Mercedes said...

Awwww Angie it's going be okay ma I Hope u got your fried chicken ma lol but it's going to be all rite no sweat!!But I also wanted to say love the new look on the blog I would have told u when u changed it but I have been really sick so I love the new look very springy look!well Love ya ma

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