Video: T.I. and Tiny last night in the A

published by Angella at 4/01/2008 05:19:00 PM


[video:myspace via xscape page]

Hip-Hop's most hated on, yet F-A-B couple a.k.a T.I.n.y have resurfaced on the scene! We all know the why and where of the situation, so no need to get on it. But I am glad to see them together looking so well coordinated with each other even through hard times *tears* That's what love is all about..*wiping tears off* LOL!

What next?

2 representers:

Quick said...

I know you didn't want to bring it up, but any word on when he is headed off to the slammer?

Anonymous said...

He won't be sentenced for another year. So he is "technically" free until then. I'm happy for him.

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