Ray-J speaks on Bobby & Whitney sex life ?

published by Angella at 4/14/2008 04:42:00 PM


So...*clearing throat* Wait...OKAY. Attention whore Ray-J aka Brandy's little brother has a song called "All I feel" posted on his myspace page. In this song, Ray-J supposedly speaks on Whitney and Bobby's sex life. Oh! that's not it, the little man claims that the reason why Whitney & Bobby's marriage did not work out was because Bobby was not putting it down in the bedroom. Hunh?! I thought it was because Bobby was being too stingy with the passing rotation of that crack pipe and Whitney was not having it. I am not even going to say which birdie whispered this in my ear! LOL! So I went on and took a trip to his myspace to take a brief listen to the song for myself. Somehow I was not getting that vibe in that particular song *confused* For all of you good people at home, pleas help a sister out. Oh! how you like my lipstick touch? ;) Did you know he had a new underline coming out? I wonder who is going to wear that shit

What next?

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Quick said...

the lipstick does wonders for that album cover!

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