Site Plug: Raven Simmons Album Cover

published by Angella at 3/31/2008 03:05:00 PM


Site Plug >> Neon Limelight
We over at Repping Beantown will be doing a site plug every two days. Where I will be posting a photo or video of the other's original post and give you a direct link to that post itself.So to start things off, Neon Limelight is the first on the feature.

What next?

5 representers:

Anonymous said...

U meen ...Raven symone :P
I hope her albums not cheesy i dont want know "Cheeetas!" busines!

HotSauce!! said...

Those Eye lashes are sooooooo fake it's not even funny. i wonder where she got them

Angella said...

@ anomymous:

I am not that girl's momma nor daddy LOL! She lucky she even got considered for me to write a post on her on here *snickers*

@ Hotsauce!!

Probably got them custom style, LOL!

neonlimelight said...

Hey Angella,

Thanks for the love!!

Man, when I saw that mess I said those eye lashes look like some straight up Indian Wolfdog fur. WTF!


Anonymous said...

The eyelashes isnt it obvious.
Shez been watching I Luv new York!

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