How far will an ignorant b*tch go?

published by Angella at 3/18/2008 12:51:00 PM


This is one of those posts were I let my good readers know what's going on with me or this site. Since yesterday, there has been a stalker and Sandra rose stan coming in here claiming and whining that they messaged me before and I was very rude to them, literally whining and blah! blah! blah! Writing stuff that only gutter,hoodrat b*tches would do behind their keyboard. Although I thank that person for coming here because I do appreciate the thought/visit for Repping Beantown.But there are certain point where a low-class hood rat will go that I will not accept on my site. This anonymous person (propably too scarred to write their name down) responsded to my cmt today below:
2 things call the po po hoe where im from we put out dvds on snitches called stop snitchin and where im from snitches DEFINATELY get stitches oh and trust boo chicks like me never hate especially on lackey yamp bitches such ass yourself with this lil young ass blog BIG UP TO SANDRA ROSE damn i was hoping you and your house and got demolished in the little tornado maybe next time LMFAO at you you dumb ugly come catchin bitch i hope you get some pills for that gonorrhea of the mouth u have better yet i hope u get the hiv-3 thats going around that develops into AIDS in 4 months and die you dumb broke bitch do something u can actually get paid for u fake ass paparrazzi
I know you want attention and probably don't have a life judging from your response. But how did me being rude to you ended up in me being a snitch???!!! You dumb stupid broad! Make sense of yourself, little school girl because this here is a well build-up lady ,notice I did not write broad. I hope you are getting paid for boosting up sandra rose by the way, because that would be a shame if she did not. That would not suprise me if you were to continue writing how many disease that those doctors reported that you and your mama got down at the free clinic ,in that hole that raised you to speak like that to individuals you don't even know! But saying "i was hoping you and your house and got demolished in the little tornado maybe next time" That statement actually got me shooked! To the point, that I had to respond to you and say I hope that God have mercy on your soul for that, little child. Wishing someone would die during a tornado, especially with all that has happened to black women like yourself in Katriana!!!!!!! Once again Easter is coming up, my advice to you is think back on what you wrote today and ask god for forgiveness. Hell, maybe even to clear you from that evil,hood-rat spirit that has been taking a heavy toll on our black commnunity at the moment. God Bless you child and you are DISMISSED! once and for all.

What next?

4 representers:

Quick said...

"haters everywhere we go"...this is how you know you've made it-

Marleaux said...

Great response. And I'm laughing, because I don't see the transition in this either: But how did me being rude to you ended up in me being a snitch

HotSauce!! said...

Chile, you always got beef with some haters. but i like how you handled that one. I wish a nigga would. I'm with maleaux I can't find the correlation to you being a snith. Who ever wrote that is border line retarded and most likely only about 13 years old.

mzvirgo said...


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