The Game returns tonight!

published by Angella at 3/23/2008 03:13:00 PM


For all of The Game fanatics like myself. I am very happy to remind you good people that The show will resume tonight(Sunday) on the CW at 9 PST! Yay! As you might have recall there were lots of rumors going around about the show being canceled which turned out to be completly false which was proven by Tia Mowry myspace announcement seen below and other update on the show's official web site. I don't normally do this, but I really felt that it was important to do so! There has been a lot of rumors spreading on the internet that our show THE GAME has been cancelled. It has not been cancelled. We are in production right now shooting out 9 episodes. Now the network did on fact pick up several shows for the fall line-up, how ever that does not mean that the show has been cancelled. This is NOT the annoucement of their COMPLETE fall line up. This information usually is given out 2 months from now. But due to the strike, we do not know when that announcement will take place. However, we do like the fan support and calling over to the netowrk letting them know how much you want the show to come back is VERY important. Once we hear any news I will let all you fans know. But in the mean time, we have been moved to Sunday at 9 PST on the CW. Thanks for all your support! Tia The cast really loves all of your support!

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Anonymous said...

I love "The Game" but I missed, but I will be keeping up with the show. I think they just barely missed the chopping block at the WB.

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