Candids: Chris Brown in Sweden

published by Angella at 3/16/2008 03:30:00 PM


Chris Brown was recently spotted in Sweden and as you can see being attacked arriving at his hotel.. [source]

What next?

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!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

got alot of fans

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Thanks for posting these pics of Chris. He's so cute. Just look at that girl getting close to him with her camera phone. One thing I wanna know is what the heck is that thing coming out out of his Louis Vuitton wallet. Looks like an attached change purse. Well, whatever it is, he looks good. The man knows how to dress himself right. He has a good sense of style. I wonder what he'll wear to the Kids' Choice Awards next week. I just voted for him for FAVORITE MALE ARTIST. You guys should go vote for him. I'm working with Nick right now to get the word out. So let's all go vote. All you need to do is go to and vote for your favorite nominees. While, you're there you can also download this really cool widget and play around with the video mixer. The video mixer is pretty cool and has Jack Black on it. He's hosting again this year. Can't wait.

Remember guys, the awards air on MARCH 29th @ 8PM.

Who do you guys want to see getting slimed?

Anonymous said...


how did u get this picture??

add me on msn:

Anonymous said...

I KNOW THAT GIRL CHRIS BROWN IS LOOKING AT, HER NAME IS VENOZ MOHHAHAH, SHES UGLY MAFAKKA! i hate her for being so close to him. bitch. venoz du är en BITCH FATTARU.. äsch jag bryr mig ändå inte så mkt.. höhö.. Venoz can I plz kiss the hand you had on his shoulder? or nevermind, you've got fucking shit on your nails, hahaah -.-

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