Album Cover:Lil Mama - Voice of the young people

published by Angella at 3/13/2008 04:15:00 PM


Those hilarious folks over at str8outtanyc posted Lil Mama's album cover art - 'Voice of the young people.' I have been trying to figure out if this album has been release yet or will be since her official online site does not confirm anything. Don't get mad, I am NOT fan like that :(

What next?

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Cassandra said...

On tonight's episode of America's Best Dance Crew, Mario Lopez mentioned that it is "upcoming" so I gather it is about to dropped.

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

i know what u mean,.,.the cover is hot though, she has a hot single, i hope it does well

booksauce said...

HATED IT...ya'll know i'm a Hater and everything about Lil ManMa I can't stand when i watch her on AMDC i fast forward when she is talking. she bothers my inner me

mzvirgo said...

is this her first album or her second album? I'm not a fan of hers either LOL, the only thing I remember was "Lip Gloss" and I thought she was going to be a one hit wonder after that......guess not.

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