Kool-Aid Kicks coming near you!

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February 5,2008

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Seems as if Reebok is doing their best to get back into the black community good graces. I know y'all remember daggone well when everyone used to be rocking nothing but reeboks kicks :) Sources are reporting that Reebok launched "The instant classics" on Feb 1, 2008 which is a shoeline that provides the consumer with their own favortie Kool-aid smell inside of the shoe. The line comes in flavors such as in grape, cherry, and strawberry. That's creative and everything, but me being the person that I am, I enjoyed smelling kool-aid in a cup when I'm eating my fried chicken with hot sauce. But hey that's just me!
Reebok this week will launch the first in a line of shoes that come with a unique twist: They will have the sweet and fruity scents of Kool-Aid built into the footwear. The low-top shoes are being called “instant classics” by Reebok, which explains in promotional material that “when two great names like Reebok and Kool-Aid brand get together, the result is some of the freshest gear to ever hit the streets.” The first SKUs are scheduled to launch Feb. 1 in grape, cherry, and strawberry. The authentic aroma comes from scent-infused sock liners that are attached inside the shoes. MSRP will be $50-$75. Another round of Reebok Kool-Aid shoes are expected to hit shelves in April, in such “flavors” as orange, lemonade and lemon-lime. A line of apparel will include T-shirts, hats and hoodies, although these will be scent-free. The shoes feature both the Reebok and Kool-Aid logos. The soles of the shoe depict Kool-Aid’s iconic Kool-Aid Man. The shoe itself is Reebok’s Pro Legacy line. Initial marketing support, handled in-house, includes print in Complex magazine and at, XXL and Mass Appeal. Support includes POP and a sweeps offering consumers an opportunity “to win a Reebok prize pack and [the] chance to fly away and party with Reebok.” A catalyst for the line is Laurence Maroney, running back with the New England Patriots, whose nickname is “Kool-Aid” and who has an endorsement deal with Reebok. The company said Maroney would not be involved with marketing. Reebok’s lead agency, Mcgarrybowen, New York, is not involved. Canton, Mass.-based Reebok is a division of adidas. Kool-Aid is a division of Kraft. {SOURCE}

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HotSauce!! said...

I saw these damn thing when i was taking the train the other day (for the first time in years) and i was appalled. I never even realized that kool aid had a smell

LINA M said...

Come on now Reebok, black folks believe it or not, enjoy other beverages not just kool-aid..THat's an insult if you ask me..

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