Happy Valentine's Day!

published by Angella at 2/13/2008 03:42:00 PM


Happy Valentines Day RBTF readers,stans,haters..hehe! I love each and every one of y'all for your comments, link love,messages,thanks,dedication,loyalty,participation in making this site what it is and will be in a a few months. I appreciate y'all so much. You will find all the links of these blogger's site in the affiliates line-up on the right hand corner of this page. I did not have time to apply the link directly. :) Thank to my commenters: MissBubzii,DBLady,Keisha,Angella Suga Free,Bianca,beantownn*gga and so forth. Thanks to bloggers: Aura from Allthat'sfab,Quick,chocolatewithchips,!,Mrs.Grapevine,Mediaoutrage,Jen's Juice,Celeb-Blitz,That's not hott (those were the consistent blogger who have show me love over the past week and some ever since Repping Beantown was up!If you are not mention, you know what to do LOL! But I still love you. Thanks to my new affiliates: Straight from the A,Popculture Junkie,Woohah,Mediaoutrage,Smartenupas,Celeb-blitz.)

What next?

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Quick said...

happy V-day!

Mercedes said...

Happy Valentines Day ma!!xoxo_Mercedes

RBTF Angella said...


Anonymous said...

I didnt see the add on bit but thank you for mentioning me, i only wish i had found out about ths blog sooner
I hope you had a love filled V day as i did. Good Luck
Angella Suga Free

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