Launch: Ladie's Room!!!!!!

published by Angella at 1/24/2008 04:57:00 PM


TODAY'S TOPIC: If you are in a stable and feel good relationship with your man, why do you think most men always end up cheating on you with another woman?

Update Chat Room is Over!

Hey everyone, just like I had announced two days ago, the Ladie's Room is now officially launched! yay! I look forward to all of you guys stopping by and discussing your piece or putting your two cents in lol! Knock your selves out. Thanks for showing love. The Chat room which is right before the posts on the page will be active the whole day today. Men you can comment also as long as you play fair of course ;) Today's ladie's room question was sent by Melanie.You can also sent us your Ladie's room topic discussion via email for next week

What next?

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looking said...

I'm looking for Moe. Do you know her?

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