Is this a bad Joke?!

published by Angella at 1/13/2008 03:01:00 PM


While sightseeing, I stumble accross this nonsense. Okmagazine is reporting that Paris Hilton is being honored by none other than Harvard Univeristy as "their Woman of the Year" *Laughing with no control* I have no more to say to this but Damn! I wonder what you have to be to become women of the year at Harvard, because if she can get that. There way many chicks that are next in line.

"The celebutante, who received a GED in spite of having attended some of the country's finest schools, is expected to give an acceptance speech at the ceremony in Harvard Square on Feb. 6. Coincidentally enough, Paris' new film, The Hottie and the Nottie, hits theaters two days later on "

What next?

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Necole Bitchie said...

I can't take this nonsense this morning. LOL! Love the new look

Angella said...

Thanks fam, Worked long on it.

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